Thank you for visiting Permission to Speak. 

Permission to Speak is an inclusive and progressive ministry that explores an emerging paradigm, a new consciousness and understanding of spirituality freed from the old ideas of an exclusive supernatural 'god Being' somewhere 'out there'.

Please do not take what I say as the only truth. It is the truth that makes sense to me. All I am doing in my preaching and teaching is sharing my faith journey and  understandings today. What I invite you to do is engage with what I say but then judge it against your own experiences and understandings. And having judged my explanations make up your own mind. If it makes sense to you, then keep working it through so that it becomes more of your experience. If you disagree, again keep working it through to see why you disagree.

I do not want to simply create clones of my explanations of my sacred experiences. What I do encourage is that we each take responsibility for our own faith journeys and not depend too much upon the people with permission to preach.

When preaching or delivering seminars in progressive churches and faith communities I speak as a non-theist progressive follower of the way of Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth as I understand it. However, out of respect for other understandings, in those churches that are not as open to the new paradigm I do not speak openly as a non-theist but I concentrate upon the compassionate, sacrificial, social justice agenda of Jesus.

And although my starting point is that Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth is my gateway - my 'dark glass glimpse' of the Infinite Mystery, I respect and honour those who have found other gateways. The past in different faith traditions is important in understanding how we have arrived at the present, but I am more concerned with living in today's world than with tradition. 

We each pass this way once and we have responsibilities to ourselves, to our families, to our neighbours [no matter who or where they are] and to the planet, our only and shared home in a vast and developing universe.

Change will happen but it will not be through words of traditional belief. It will come through people of good will acting together to challenge injustice and inequality, seeking a wholeness for both this planet and all humanity. The future of religion cannot be guaranteed but unless there is sacrificial compassion, justice and serving those in need then religion in an increasingly secular world will become little more than a relic of the past, a museum piece.


John Churcher

July 2016