Thank you for visiting Permission to Speak, an inclusive and progressive ministry that explores an emerging spirituality based upon what Karl Rahner [1904 - 1984] called the "Infinite Mystery". This "Infinite Mystery" is real but no person and no religion can capture it. All we can do is look through that dark glass mentioned by the Apostle Paul and catch a fleeting glimpse. All individual sacred experiences and all religions are but human explanations of those dark glass glimpses.   

Although my starting point is that Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth is my gateway - my 'dark glass glimpse' of the "Infinite Mystery", I respect and honour those who have found other compassionate gateways. The past in different faith traditions is important in understanding how we have arrived at the present, but I am more concerned with living in today's world than with tradition.

In my ministry I concentrate upon the compassionate, sacrificial, social justice agenda of Jesus. I do not want to simply create clones of my explanations of my sacred experiences but I encourage each of us to take responsibility for our own faith journeys. And for some that may be challenging and disturbing but in a multi-choice world "no pain, no gain." Change is the constant today and unless the Church asks serious questions about its present it may not have a long term future. But, as people of hope, there is always the invitation to step into the unknown accompanied by the Spirit of the "Infinite Mystery"!


John Churcher

November 2016