God is mystery made known to Christians in Jesus of Nazareth

We cannot define God. All we can do is describe our experiences of that which we call 'God'. For me, God is very real but I have ceased to experience or to describe 'God' as an interventionist Being somewhere 'out there'. 'God' is indescribable but there are descriptors of the sacred experience - sacred qualities that can be found in the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

 Some of these are included in Gretta Vosper's book 'With or Without God', "I am deeply aware that, should we lose even one of these things, the world would be a very different place: hope, peace, joy, innocence, delight, forgiveness, caring, love, respect, wisdom, honour, creativity, tranquillity, beauty, imagination, humour, awe, truth, purity, justice, courage, fun, compassion, challenge, knowledge, daring, artistry, wonder, strength, and trustworthiness." [p.32]

Rev. John Churcher

Christmas 2014